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Powrót poziom wyżejStudents’ Management Club

The Students’ Management Club is an academic club that suports students who want to further their interest in management, human resources or leadership roles.

Characteristics of the club:

The purpose of the Students’ Management Club is to set an on-going platform between students and professionals who will contribute to students’ understanding of management challenges and skills. The Students’ Management Club helps students to organize purposeful discussion meetings on management topics, to invite interesting speakers to the campus, to create events supporting the process of acquiring manangement abilities. The Club encourages students to lead different initiatives and events, and participate in broadly defined management research projects.
We believe that entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and innovation oriented attitude can be shaped while studying. You have an opportunity to develop personally and professionally through education, association with business professionals and the development of leadership roles.

Scope of activity:

  • Discussion panels and seminars on management topics
  • Meetings with management professionals
  • Students’ research projects
  • Field trips
  • Strategic games


Mgr Katarzyna Marton - Gadoś

Club Board:
to be announced soon

to be announced soon