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Educational offer

In response to the needs of the ever-changing world, we ensure you the possibility to grow and develop at every stage of your educational and professional path.

Faculty of Economics and Management

  1. Recognised single-degree and double-degree programs which run in conjunction with Coventry University. 
  2. A high level of tuition, certified by the results of the global U-Multirank ranking prepared at the request of the European Commission.
  3. Graduates of Faculty of Economics and Management receive the highest remunerations according to the ELA system. 
  4. International Relations Program has obtained the highest award from The Polish Accreditation Committee. 

Faculty of Law and Administration

  1. 1st place among private universities in the 12th ranking of law faculties prepared by "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna"
  2. The Faculty has been awarded with category A by Committee for Evaluating Research Institutions.
  3. The Faculty has been licensed to award the academic degree of PhD habilitatus in jurisprudence in the field of law.
  4. Law Program has received the highest award from The Polish Accreditation Committee.

Faculty of Medicine

  1. The members of the Faculty of Medicine comprise experienced academic staff with invaluable experience in respective fields.
  2. The Faculty has a modern infrastructure and is well-equipped with basic/preclinical equipment. 
  3. The program is based on an individual approach and places a significant emphasis on practical and technical aspects of the profession. 
  4. The program includes additional courses, such as medical law or healthcare management, that are aimed at increasing career opportunities. 

Why Lazarski?

Lazarski University is an academic and educational institution that skilfully combines innovative educational standards with the traditional goals of education, driven by the "universitas magistrorum et scholarium" principle.

According to this assumption, a university is a community of teachers and students. We are building our community based on acquiring knowledge from distinguished masters in their fields. This is why our faculty members comprise over 250 outstanding experts in economy, politics, and law. We boast having both acknowledged names in the world of science and hands-on specialists from the field of business on our team. Thanks to them, we ensure our students a comprehensive education that, similarly to the beginings of university education, gives our adepts an in-depth foundations in their selected fields. Meanwhile, the profile of education and conducted research is adapted to the requirements of today's world, focusing on shaping professional skills.

For years, we have been listed among the best universities in the most important educational rankings.

Thanks to our excellent teaching staff and care for the highest quality of education, our place at the top of Poland's most important university rankings has been assured for many years now.

We are the best Polish university in the international U-Multirank ranking prepared at the request of the European Commission. Additionally, we are included in the prestigious group of 8% highest-graded universities from around the world.

Our Faculty of Law boasts the 1st place among law faculties of private universities in the ranking of "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna".

Our Faculty of Economics was listed first in the Brief rating that measures the degree of the university graduates' preparedness for entering the labour market.

Teaching through experience

  • Course curricula are devised in ongoing consultation with the best practitioners of business and law. Every new specialty is supervised by an expert in the given field. We have appointed a Business Council that makes sure on an ongoing basis that the factual scope of our studies always corresponds to the current market expectations. As a result, we are sure that you learn what you will actually be using in your future professional life.
  • Classes are conducted interactively: workshops, case studies and simulations are an opportunity for you to learn through experience. You can develop your practical skills while still at the university! Which role would you prefer to assume, a barrister or a prosecutor? Take part in a simulated litigation at our own courtroom.

Guarantee of professional success

  • You will gain early professional experience during paid internships that will be ensured for you by the University. You will be completing projects at our partner companies and will obtain reference or letters of recommendation for future employers.
  • Through our Internship and Job Placement Division, we are proactively supporting our students in drafting application documents as well as organising workshops and career counselling. This is why 76.1% of our students find a job while still studying!

An international university

  • We are cooperating with over 90 universities around the world. Thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, you can experience new countries and different cultures. Our offer comprises not only student exchange programmes but also foreign internships and trainings.
  • Our curricula in English are devised in collaboration with Boston University and Coventry University. As a result, when studying your selected major, you obtain both a Polish and a British diploma.

Rankings and awards


  • According to the prestigious ranking prepared by Perspektywy, Lazarski University occupies the third position among non-public universities in Poland. A strong third position among private universities has been held by Lazarski University for two years.
  • For 10 years, Lazarski University has been occupying the first position among non-public universities according to XII Ranking Wydziałów Prawa prepared by famous magazine ‘Dziennik Gazeta Prawna’. The University has been ranked sixth in the overall group including both public and non-public universities. Therefore, Lazarski University has outperformed 10 public and 13 non-public universities.
  • As a part of the third edition of the National Competition and the Accreditation Program of Study Programs ‘Studies from the Future’, the Certification Commission has evaluated a significant number of applications including three postgraduate programs submitted by Lazarski Postgraduate Studies Center. The Commission has awarded the following Lazarski postgraduate programs with the Certificate of Quality: MBA in Health Care, Lean Management, Quality Excellence. Leading auditor ISO 9001.
  • According to the data from year 2016 provided by ELA, Lazarski master’s graduates receive above-average earnings in their places of residence. Additionally, master’s graduates with degrees in Economics and International Relations receive the highest average wage among master’s graduates from other non-public universities.
  • Lazarski University has won two first places in the competition for the most creative recruitment campaign among higher institutions organized by Wydawnictwo Perspektywy: first place in category ‘Press advertising’ and first place in category ‘Recruitment services’.



  • In 2017, “Perspektywy” ranked Lazarski University third among private universities, which has been an advancement from the forth position to the third position since last year. Lazarski University received the highest scores in the following categories: scientific potential (85,6%)  and graduate employability (84,9%).
  • Throughout its 11-year history, for 9 years the Faculty of Law and Administration has been ranked first among private universities, according to the rankings prepared by „Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. Such an outstanding achievement serves as a confirmation of high excellence pursued by the Faculty of Law and Administration. 
  • For the eighth time in a row, the Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration was ranked first among private universities in the 10th ranking of law faculties prepared by "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna". Law faculties were appraised in four categories: faculty members, quality and strength of education, requirements and student quality, and number of graduates passing the pupillage exam. The Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration total of 94 points out of 111.


  • The Lazarski University assumed the 3rd place among private universities in the 2016 ranking of the "Perspektywy" monthly. The ranking was based on such criteria as: prestige, academic strength, teaching conditions, innovativeness, and internationalisation (you can find the "Perspektywy"ranking).
  • Having reviewed the report of the Appraisal Team and the University's position as well as the report of the Social Sciences Team in the field of social and legal sciences that appraised the curriculum of the "international relations" course at the Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration in Warsaw, conducted in the form of first-cycle and second-cycle studies with a general academic profile, the State Accreditation Committee awarded the course a distinction (read more here).
  • On 27 June 2016, the Central Degrees and Titles Committee decided to grant the Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration the right to award the academic title of PhD habilitatus in jurisprudence in the field of law (read more here).
  • The Polish Language Culture Centre of the Lazarski University Foreign Language Centre was licensed by the Minister of Science and Higher Education to hold State certified exams in Polish as a foreign language.