Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University offers reputable studies in both Polish and English.

Lazarski University Faculty of Economics and Management

High level of education is supported by the result of the global U-Multirank ranking prepared on behalf of the European Commission:

Lazarski University was recognized as the best among Polish universities. Moreover, it was among the elite 8% of the highest rated among all universities participating in the ranking.

Study programs are developed jointly with business practitioners, thanks to which they are constantly adapted to the current requirements of the labor market. This is confirmed by the highest mark of A+ received for the practical construction of study programs in the rating of the "Brief" magazine.

"the most innovative and creative university in creating professional perspectives"

Lazarski University also received a distinction in the competition for "the most innovative and creative university in creating professional perspectives" organized by the Academic Information Center.

Solid preparation for entering the job market is guaranteed to students by a modern three-tier education program. During the first semesters of study, they receive area knowledge, acquire workshop and methodological skills. Then directional knowledge in a particular field, such as economics or management, is imparted, which is the basis for its practical application in the last block - specialization.

Students are educated through:

  • practical exercises
  • real case studies
  • strategic games
  • authentic cases taken from the business world

The undergraduate program does not end with a theoretical thesis. Students prepare a thesis project that solves a real problem from professional practice in the field.

Collaboration with Coventry University

Thanks to the collaboration with the prestigious Coventry University, the programs of English-language studies conducted at the Faculty meet the criteria of the British higher education system.

Validated courses end with a double diploma: from Lazarski University and the renowned Coventry University.

Our partner is among the top 12 UK universities in the 2018 Guardiuan University Guide rankings.


Why Lazarski?

We are a research and teaching center that skillfully combines innovative educational standards with traditional educational goals.

We are building a community based on learning from the most distinguished masters. Our lecturers are top experts in economics, politics, aviation and law!

  • Lazarski University is among the best TOP5 non-public universities in Poland for many years according to Perspektywy ranking  
  • we are authorized to confer doctoral and postdoctoral degrees at all faculties
  • we are a strong brand that has been successfully competing in the Polish higher education market for over 30 years, setting trends in professional education

Study and learn from the best! 

Lazarski among the top universities!

  • The Faculty of Law and Administration took I place in the 17th Ranking of Law Faculties of "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" (2023.)  
  • Lazarski University became a leader in the category of business education in the study "Trustworthy Brand", conducted by the publisher of the monthly magazine My Company Poland and the research institute Kantar Poland S.A.  
  • According to the prestigious Perspektywy ranking, we are ranked 4th among non-public universities in Poland.  
  • The high level of the medical faculty at Lazarski Universitywas positively evaluated again by the Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee with the resolution No. 838/2023 of September 18, 2023.

The distinctions and awards say a lot about the quality of education we provide!