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On the following pages of our website you will find basic information about the scope of SPM's activities, its offerings including a list of partner universities and detailed rules for using the programs handled by the Section.

The section dedicated to "contacts" with SPM will allow you to directly reach the right person to get the information you are interested in and efficiently handle all your matters related to international mobility under SPM's offerings.

International cooperation is one of the key directions of Lazarski University's development, as a result of which it increases its degree of internationalization and builds its image as a university open to international challenges, flexibly adapting its educational program to changing conditions on the labor market and beneficiary groups. It is an important part of creating a modern teaching offer, educating students and improving the competence of the staff, influencing the improvement of the quality of the teaching process and strengthening the University's position in the educational market.

International cooperation is carried out on the basis of inter-institutional agreements under the Erasmus+ program, bilateral agreements with foreign universities and agreements with foreign institutions, as well as through individual contacts of employees.

The University participates in international student and staff exchange programs. It has signed more than 90 agreements with universities and business and law schools within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, and annually updates agreements with institutions hosting graduates for internships in European Union countries. Each year students have the opportunity to complete part of their studies abroad or go on internships, at the same time foreign students come to study at the University. Lazarski University's main partners are universities and institutions from EU countries.

At the same time, the University educates many foreigners each year through regular studies, especially in English-language programs. In addition, it offers undergraduate and graduate programs in English validated by Coventry University.

The Department manages the following programs:

as well as various levels of bilateral agreements between Lazarski University and other higher education institutions around the world.

Continuously since 2003. Lazarski University actively participated in the Erasmus program, providing students with the opportunity to pursue part of their studies and internship abroad. Since 2004, it was involved in the Leonardo da Vinci program dedicated to graduates seeking internships in foreign companies and institutions. In 2021, it received the Erasmus University Charter for higher education, granting the University the right to participate in activities undertaken under the new program perspective - the Erasmus+ program, bringing together existing programs including Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci. This allows the University to implement and participate in such program activities as individual mobility, strategic partnerships and central projects. As a result, there is a growing number of students and graduates of the University who, by going abroad for studies and internships to partner universities and institutions in European Union countries, acquire international knowledge and skills for personal development and educational and professional improvement.

Erasmus+ Studies enables the realization of a part of studies in one of of partner universities.

Erasmus+ Internships enables students to go on a student internship to a foreign enterprise, research and development institution, non-profit organization and other institutions (government units, museums, libraries, hospitals, etc.).


Lazarski among the top universities!

  • The Faculty of Law and Administration took I place in the 17th Ranking of Law Faculties of "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" (2023.)  
  • Lazarski University became a leader in the category of business education in the study "Trustworthy Brand", conducted by the publisher of the monthly magazine My Company Poland and the research institute Kantar Poland S.A.  
  • According to the prestigious Perspektywy ranking, we are ranked 4th among non-public universities in Poland.  
  • The high level of the medical faculty at Lazarski Universitywas positively evaluated again by the Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee with the resolution No. 838/2023 of September 18, 2023.

The distinctions and awards say a lot about the quality of education we provide!