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Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator

Outgoing students, staff and teaching -
Incoming students, staff and teaching -
Erasmus+ partnerships, inter-institutional agreements, general inquiries -
tel. +48 22 54 35 365
mobile. +48 513 038 056

Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator - Faculty of Economics and Management
Katarzyna Marton-Gadoś
Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator - Faculty of Law and Administration
Dominika Harasimiuk, PhD
Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator - Medical Faculty
Gabriela Gab

Tasks of the International Programmes Department Head of the International Programmes Department

Lazarski University International Study Programmes Department conducts operations with respect to information, promotion, consulting, organisation and reporting in connection with the University's participation in international cooperation programmes, primarily aimed at facilitating international mobility of students, graduates, faculty members and administrative staff; it also supports respective University units in their international initiatives. The Department takes an active part in organising the University's various international events, lectures, conferences, and the International Week.

It keeps in touch with the representatives of numerous academic centres and institutions and works on an ongoing expansion of the mobility offer for students and graduates so that all interested parties have the opportunity to pursue a part of their studies at the University's partner institutions or undertake international traineeships. Moreover, the Department takes all efforts to expand the offer of mobility programmes and participation options for the academic and administration staff as well as assesses the prospects for participating in other domestic and EU programmes and initiatives.

The basic tasks of the International Programmes Department include:

  • coordinating issues connected with the University's cooperation with international universities and institutions with respect to exchange programmes,
  • consulting and drafting international cooperation agreements,
  • consulting and assisting foreign students within the scope of exchange programmes,
  • consulting and assisting the University's students participating in exchange programmes,
  • consulting and assisting foreign students in pursuing a part of their studies at the University,
  • servicing exchange projects in which the University participates,
  • coordinating exchanges for students, faculty members and administrative staff,
  • organising guest lectures and foreign visits for the University's guests within the scope of the projects,
  • organising mobility-promoting events and meetings for students interested in mobility within the scope of international cooperation projects,
  • collaborating with foreign entities within the scope of academic cooperation agreements, EU programmes and other programmes in the field of education and mobility,
  • drafting reports on international student and staff exchange programmes,
  • supporting international initiatives of the University's other departments.

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