Corporate Finances

The specialisation in the field of study Finance and Accounting

"Corporate Finances" specialisation can be your career booster! Join studies where every number matters and financial analysis becomes the key to success.

Discover how the specialisation "Corporate Finances" can change your world. With us, you will not only learn about the principles of banking, but also gain practical tools to become a leader in the financial industry. Don't wait for the future - design it with us today!

Field of study description

The "Corporate Finances" specialisation is your ticket to a deep understanding of the mechanisms that govern the banking system, both in Poland and internationally. Get ready for a practical immersion into the world of finance thanks to our experienced team of lecturers who are ready to give you not only theoretical basics, but also valuable real-life tips.

Whether you dream of a career in banking or in corporate finance using financial instruments, this specialization will provide you with the solid foundation and skills you need to succeed. Discover the ins and outs of banking products, learn how to structure optimal financial solutions and develop skills that will open the door to a career in the rapidly changing world of finance.

Programme Director

Karol Strzała

Wicedyrektor programu Finanse i Rachunkowość, posiadający bogate doświadczenie akademickie oraz praktyczne. Jest absolwentem prawa na Uczelni Łazarskiego, a także finansów i rachunkowości w Szkole Głównej Handlowej.  

Jego zainteresowanie międzynarodowymi aspektami finansów znalazło odzwierciedlenie w udziale w programie stypendialnym na Singapore Management University w Singapurze. Pobyt ten nie tylko rozszerzył jego perspektywy globalne, ale także wzbogacił jego metodologię nauczania i praktykę biznesową, dodając mu unikalnego wymiaru jako wykładowcy i praktyka. 

Od kilku lat prowadzi własną działalność, co przekłada się na praktyczne zrozumienie mechanizmów rynkowych i finansowych. Jego zainteresowania badawcze i zawodowe skoncentrowane są wokół finansów, prawa, AML, zarządzania, oraz nowych technologii, w tym technologii blockchain, co znajduje odzwierciedlenie w aktywnym członkostwie w Centrum Technologii Blockchain Uczelni Łazarskiego oraz Stowarzyszeniu Blockchain Polska. 

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Benefits of choosing this programme

Beginning your studies in "Corporate Finances", you will embark on a path that will reveal to you with deep understanding the mechanisms that govern the world of finance, both in Poland and internationally. Our educational offer, enriched by the experience and passion of our lecturers, provides you not only with a solid theoretical foundation, but also with practical skills that are invaluable in the dynamic financial market.

As a graduate of our specialization, you will receive the key to the secrets of the operation of banks and other financial institutions, understand the products and services they offer, and learn to design financial solutions that best meet the needs of customers.

This specialization is your springboard to a career in a variety of financial sectors - from banking, to corporations using advanced financial instruments, to dynamic start-ups. Being our graduate, you can become a valued finance specialist, financial analyst, employee of brokerage firms, insurance, leasing, or factoring companies. Moreover, we place a strong emphasis on the development of analytical, management and sales skills, opening up opportunities for students to start and run their own businesses.

Our specialisation subjects are taught in an innovative way, combining workshops with advanced e-learning methods - online courses, tests, quizzes, regular discussion forums with lecturers, webinars and video conferences. All this is done under the guidance of experienced trainers and market practitioners, guaranteeing you a top-quality education.

During these studies:

  • you will discover the legal foundations and mechanisms of the functioning of banks and other financial institutions on a global scale,
  • you will acquire practical skills to manage a bank and create optimal financial solutions for customers,
  • you will develop analytical, management and sales skills that will allow you to stand out in the job market,
  • you will learn to use modern technologies in banking, which is crucial in the era of digital transformation.

Academic staff

Tuition fee

full-time studies
part-time studies
Study Fees - 1 year
(2 semesters)

2 x 6120 PLN

8 x 1530 PLN

2 x 5520 PLN

8 x 1380 PLN

Study Fees - 2 year
(2 semesters)

2 x 6480 PLN

8 x 1620 PLN

2 x 5880 PLN

8 x 1470 PLN

Study Fees - 3 year
(2 semesters)

2 x 6840 PLN

8 x 1710 PLN

2 x 6240 PLN

8 x 1560 PLN

Application process

  1. Register online
    You can enrol for our University in a few simple steps:

  2. Pay admission fee and submit your documents
    •    Admission fee is PLN 85* (bank account details will be available in the Candidate’s Account after online registration)
    *Lazarski University graduates are exempt from the admission fee. Please, note that admission fee is non-refundable.
  3. Deliver documents to the Admissions Office.
  4. Wait for the enrolment decision
    You will receive your acceptance letter by email or in the Admissions Office.

  5. Congratulations - you are a student!
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Corporate Finances
Language of instruction:
3 years
Faculty of Economics and Management
Type of studies:
Bachelor’s degree
Studies mode:
  • full-time studies
  • part-time studies
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