Participation of 3 LU’s staff members and a student in the "Judicial Precedents: Uniformity and Pluralism" event in Croatia

Grupa uśmiechniętych uczestników wydarzenia stoi na tle prezentacji

On May 27-31, 2024, Ewelina Gee-Milan, Director of LU’s Student Legal Clinic, together with Małgorzata Sekuła-Leleno, Adrianna Chrościcka-Bloch and student Maciej Czerwiński, participated in the interdisciplinary event "Judicial Precedents: Uniformity and Pluralism" organized by the University in Zagreb.

This event concerned not only legal aspects, but also touched upon other disciplines such as history, political science, philosophy and sociology. The main goal of the event was to analyze the role and functioning of law and its institutions as mechanisms for regulating social conflicts in contemporary Europe. The focus is on the day-to-day functioning of these mechanisms in the light of the applicable normative framework.

LU’s participants of "Judicial Precedents: Uniformity and Pluralism" emphasized that the program was intense, but they found many interesting topics there.

The presentations by Ewelina Gee-Milan and Maciej Czerwiński made a great impression on other participants. The presentation by the Director of the Student Legal Clinic was factual, the only one fully interactive and in the form of a discussion on innovations in clinical legal education based on the example of a customer service competition. Mrs. Ewelina Gee-Milan emphasizes that participation in this event taught her a completely different way of organizing international scientific meetings - it is crucial to adopt a good selection of speakers so that the main topic of the conference is very well covered.

LU’s staff members and the student participating in the event strengthened their language skills and got to know the Croatian culture, which should translate into even greater openness to diversity in the future.

The mobility to Croatia by Ewelina Gee-Milan, Małgorzata Sekuła-Leleno, Adrianna Chrościcka-Bloch and Maciej Czerwiński took place as part of the Erasmus+ program.

Lazarski among the top universities!

  • The Faculty of Law and Administration is ranked 1st in the XVIII ranking by "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" (2024) 
  • Our Faculty of Law and Administration is also number 1 in the 13th ranking of Rzeczpospolita (2024)
  • We are in the top four in the prestigious Perspektywy ranking!
  • The high level of the medical faculty at Lazarski University was positively evaluated again by the Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee with the resolution No. 838/2023 of September 18, 2023.

We are happy that our efforts are appreciated!