Graduate internships at the European Offices

Graduate internships at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante (EUIPO) or the European Patent Office in Munich (EPO) - apply by 26 February 2024.
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Lazarski University's Faculty of Law and Administration is a participant in the Pan-European Seal Programme, which aims to promote knowledge in the field of intellectual property law and to create a network of cooperation between academia and the labour market in the intellectual property sector.
The Pan-European Seal Programme was created by two of the most important European institutions in the field of intellectual property in Europe - the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). One of its primary aims is to provide opportunities for graduates of the programme's partner universities to undertake work placements at the EUIPO or EPO.
The recruitment process for internships at the EUIPO or EPO for the 2024/2025 academic year is currently underway. Lazarski University can provide these institutions with lists of candidates for paid internships (the stipend at the EUIPO is EUR 1,200 and at the EPO approximately EUR 2,000 per month) lasting 12 months. Internships start at the end of September and the beginning of October 2024. On the basis of the applications sent by Lazarski University, EUIPO or EPO make the final selection of candidates.
Internships take place at the EUIPO headquarters in Alicante or at the EPO headquarters in Munich. Internships can take place in any of the EUIPO departments depending on the candidate's profile. EUIPO indicates the following profiles:

1)      Law
2)      IP Law
3)      IP & Knowledge management
4)      Political Sciences & International Relations
5)      Linguistics
6)      Economics - Business administration
7)      Information Technology
a.      Customer service solutions
b.      Data analyst
c.      Software engineer
8)      Communication
9)      Facility management
a.      Architect
b.      Engineer
c.      Logistics
10)  Human Resources
For the EPO, internships can take place in the following areas :
1)      Science and Engineering
2)      Human Resources and Business Adminsitration
3)      Law (including patent law)
4)      Economics and Finance
5)      International Relations and Communications
6)      Information Technology
University applications, <strong>including a CV</strong> (in English in the Europass format) <strong>and a motivation letter in English indicating the institution to which the candidate applies (EUIPO or EPO)</strong>, on the basis of which shortlists will be prepared, should be sent to Dr Dominika Harasimiuk (<link></link>) by 26 February 2024.&nbsp;
Shortlisted candidates&nbsp; will be informed about this decision by e-mail, and will from that point on be self-registereing in the electronic systems of the EUIPO (the EUIPO e-recruitment tool) between 1 and 31 March this year, or the EPO (EPO e-recruitment tool) between 1 and 15 March this year.
Final year students of the WPiA and WEiZ are encouraged to apply.

- Graduation diploma. Participation in the recruitment process is also possible for final-year students on condition that they graduate at the end of the current academic year and present their diploma on the start date of their internship. During the application process, final-year students present a certificate from the dean's office of their tentatively planned defence date. Graduates from previous academic years may also apply to the EPO.
<ul> <li class=""><span>If applying to the EPO, citizenship of one of the member states of the European Patent Organisation: </span><span><link>Member states of the European Patent Organisation |</link></span><span></span></li> <li class=""><span>motivation letter in English</span><span></span></li> <li class=""><span>CV in Word format (Europass format).</span><span></span></li> <li class=""><span>If applying to EUIPO, knowledge of one of the working languages of the Office (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) at least B1;</span><span></span></li> <li class=""><span>for the EPO, knowledge of one of the official languages of the Office (English, French, German) at a level of at least B2</span><span></span></li> <li class=""><span>When applying to EUIPO, completion of the online course &quot;EUTM in a Nutshell&quot; or &quot;RCD in a Nutshell&quot; on the EUIPO Academy Learning Portal (<link… Academy Learning Portal</span></link></span><span>)</span><span>.</span><span></span></li> </ul>

For more information:
<link… Seal Programme - EUIPO (</link>
<link>Pan-European Seal (</link>

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  • The Faculty of Law and Administration took I place in the 17th Ranking of Law Faculties of "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" (2023.)  
  • Lazarski University became a leader in the category of business education in the study "Trustworthy Brand", conducted by the publisher of the monthly magazine My Company Poland and the research institute Kantar Poland S.A.  
  • According to the prestigious Perspektywy ranking, we are ranked 4th among non-public universities in Poland.  
  • The high level of the medical faculty at Lazarski Universitywas positively evaluated again by the Presidium of the Polish Accreditation Committee with the resolution No. 838/2023 of September 18, 2023.

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