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The Chair in Quantitative Methods, Faculty of Economics and Management, Lazarski University kindly invite for the seminar NAMASTE POLSKO!

  • Date: December 14, 2016
  • Time: 14.40 -15.20
  • Venue: Lazarski University, Room 38

Presentation by dr Katarzyna Gmaj shows that although Poland cannot compete with other traditional destinations of Indian Sub-continent migrations, for some migrants Poland has become a place for longer stay and for some of them even a settlement country. First, some statistics on Indian presence in Poland will be presented. Then, on the basis of the research, the reasons of Indian migrants for coming to Poland and language strategies they use will be analysed. In this context immigrants' perception of Poland and Poles plays a significant role, as it influences their emotional wellbeing and their plans for the future.

Presentation is a result of the research project run by the Foundation for Somalia and co-financed by the European Found for Integration of the Third Country Nationals and the Polish Government.