UŁa students can use e-mail and Office 365 programs for free

Thanks to studying at Łazarski you can for free:

  • gain access to the Office 365 service on devices (PCs, Macs and tablets simultaneously)
  • skorzystać z miejsca w chmurze OneDrive na swoje pliki
  • pobrać programy dostępne w ramach usługi Office 365

Logging in to the email account of the lazarski.pl domain
(Your university personal email account)

To use student services and e-mail, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to the mail.lazarski.pl website
  2. Log in using your album number as the login:

    - example: 12345@lazarski.pl
  3. Enter the password, which consists of a constant phrase:
    Laz# and your date of birth in the form RRRRMMDD,
    where RRRR - year, MM - month, DD - day

     - example password of a person born on February 1, 1980 is Laz#19800201
  4. After the first successful login, the system will force a password change.


Configuration of the mail program for the e-mail account in the lazarski.pl domain. 

  1. Log in for the first time using the tips described above before setting up the email client.
  2. In the configuration of the selected email client, select the following settings:
    • Choose automatic configuration
    • Enter the details: Name, surname, e-mail address and e-mail password
    • The e-mail client will find the rest of the settings automatically


In case of any problems please contact the IT department