We help you pursue them in research clubs and hobby clubs as well as through the music band and sports teams. We're flexible: the students can determine their classes themselves and use e-learning platforms to pursue some courses. As a result, they have more time for pursuing their hobbies. There is no such thing as too little learning, through; innovative and flexible curricula let you take two majors at the same time.

We have prepared the Distinction Programme for our brightest students: students displaying particular academic and social commitment can shape their careers under the supervision of a tutor and develop various skills, opening to opportunities afforded by their environment. Fostering social commitment and a civic-minded attitude is crucial in education; this is why we keep our students busy through campaigns helping local inhabitants, such as the Health Day, Law Day or the Bone Marrow Donor Day.

We are also nourishing the memory of our cultural heritage and the heroic fights of the Warsaw Uprising insurgents (in particular of the Home Army “Baszta” Regiment of which our University's founder Ryszard Łazarski was a soldier). At the campus, we have created a Memorial Room devoted to the Home Army soldiers.

We are not forgetting about our alumni: the University's Alumni Club  joins together the graduates of the Łazarski University, organising periodic meetings, supporting them in their professional careers, celebrating their successes and giving people who their university life an opportunity to see their friends again.


Our Centre for Postgraduate Education offers even more opportunities; its attractive training offer is based on cooperation with recognised professionals: our partners, business experts and experienced faculty members. Different sectors of the economy, public and local administration institutions and non-profit organisations are happy to use our offer and assistance.