Rules of completing completing physical education classes for students of the Lazarski University

  1. Each 1st year the student is obliged by the rules of the University to participate for two  semesters twice a week in physical class organized by our Center for Physical Education and Sports – the first hour stationary or on-line, the second on-line.
  2. Participation in the obligatory Physical Education classes ends with a credit.
  3. The student has the right to two unexcused absences during the semester.
  4. It is not possible to make up for the absence on other dates.
  5. The type of classes, days and hours are selected by the student from the offer made available on the website. The order of applications is decisive.
  6. Registration takes place electronically: Additionally, at the beginning of each semester there is a possibility of personal enrollment in the study room nr 112.
  7. Exemptions from entire Physical Education classes may be granted by doctors who actively practice their profession in the country. Such a waiver should be submitted to the SWFiS Secretariat by 30 October for the fall semester or by the end of March for the spring semester.
  8. Every physician actively practicing his profession in Poland decides about temporary inability to exercise. The sick leave must be presented during the first class after the absence, otherwise it will not be taken into account.
  9. Part-time students do not have compulsory PE classes.
  10. All students actively involved in sports in sports clubs, gyms, swimming pools and other sports activities can obtain credit on the basis of a certificate brought to the Sports Centre. To be delivered at the end of each semester.
  11. Each student may participate in additional classes throughout the course of studies, as long as there are free places in the selected group. The decision is made by the group's instructor.

Justyna Mosińska

Director of Physical Education and Sports Centre