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Lazarski University Press exists since 1993 – started its activity with the establishment of the University, originally named Private Higher School of Commerce, then the Higher School of Commerce and Law, which, after the death of the founder and the first rector of the University, was given the name of Ryszard Łazarski. Since the end of 2013, it has been functioning as part of the University Library.

The purpose of the Publishing House's activity is to support the teaching process of the University and other centers, as well as consolidate the results of scientific research and post-conference achievements.

At present, the University has the Faculty of Law and Administration, the Faculty of Economics and Management as well as the Faculty of Medicine (educating in the field of medicine), as well as a number of research institutes; conducts Bachelor's, Master's, supplementary, post-graduate and PhD studies as well as studies and English-language programs – English-language validated study programs, ending with the acquisition of two diplomas: the Polish – Lazarski University, and the British – Coventry University, were introduced in 2012.

The publishing house has published almost 350 titles of compact publications – program guides, scripts, textbooks, encyclopedic publications, scientific monographs, as well as books on history – especially regarding the period of the Warsaw Uprising 1944; the Memorial Chamber operates at the University, whose mission is to consolidate knowledge about the uprising and to interest young people in the history of events in 1944. The Chamber was founded on the initiative of the founder of the University– Ryszard Łazarski, who was a member of the "Baszta" regiment, a group operating during the occupation and the uprising in Mokotów district in Warsaw.

In addition to compact publications and job-related publications, Lazarski University Press is the publisher of the quarterly magazine – Myśl Ekonomiczna i Polityczna [Economic and Political Thought] since 2010, Ius Novum [English version] since 2007. The publication of these magazines was preceded by the publication in the years 1999-2004 of “Zeszyty Naukowe” (serii Prawo oraz serii Ekonomia) [the Scientific Journals of the Law series and the Economy series], and also – in the years 2002-2009 – the quarterly Myśl Ekonomiczna i Prawna [Political and Legal Thought].

(last update: 31/07/2018)