PhD Henryk Hollender

Library director
48 22 5435 392

Chief duties: Library administration; non-Polish acquisitions; contribution to cataloguing of items in languages other than Polish.


Short bio: Degree in Library Science and doctorate in humanities from University of Warsaw, where he also studied journalism; „sixth year of Library Science” at Kent State University (Kent, Ohio, USA). He was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit and the medal "200 years of the University Library in Warsaw". Author of publications on library management, information policy, library profession, digital libraries; history of the book, and others.


Selected publications*: 

  • A town of books : a popular guidebook to Cieszyn's library and archive collections,  transl. Arkadiusz Belczyk, Cieszyn: Książnica Cieszyńska, 2010, 119 p.
  • What is cultural about a union catalogue? Reflections on ten years of NUKAT in Poland, “SOLANUS: International Journal for the Study of the Printed and Written Word in Russia and East-Central Europe”, Vol. 23, 2013, s. 120-134.
  • Those inconspicuous journals: are they scholarly publications? „Puls Uczelni” 2015 nr 4 s. 30-33,
  • (with z G. E. Medvedeva), О модернизации библиотек в организационно-системном контексте (On modernization of libraries in the context of organizations and systems), in: Открытый Доступ : библиотеки за рубежом 2017 IFLA 2017 Wroclaw, Poland : Сборник,  Москва : Центр книги Рудомино 2017, s. 22-33, access:  w:
  • (with A. Janowska), Katalogowanie jako tworzenie punktów dostępu a zasada neutralności bibliotekarza (Cataloguing as a selection of access points against the rule of the librarian’s neutrality),  „Biuletyn EBIB” [online] 2018 nr 2 (179) s. 1-16. Dane bibliograficzne – jakość, trendy. ISSN 1507-7187. Access:

*Up to 5 titles are listed from the period of the writer’s work at Lazarski.