Duration 2 semesters
Mode Extra-mural
Course language German

Course description

The offer of the German Law School is addressed to students and graduates interested in German law (especially business law) and German legal language.

The primary goal of the School is to impart to its students practical information that will constitute a special asset on the labour market and let them take a professional part in rendering services for Polish and German businesses maintaining commercial relations and pursuing business operations in Poland and Germany.

Given that German law is very often used as a template for legislation in other countries, information acquired during the course will certainly be useful also to people interesting in comparative law.

Through offering internships with German law firms to the School's graduates as well as joint measures taken with its German partners, the School is also contributing to the development of the Polish-German legal collaboration.

The German Law School is organised by the Łazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration in collaboration with the renowned Berlin law firm RAUE LLP Rechtsanwälte und Notare, whose advocates (including doctors of jurisprudence) are the School's lecturers.

Lectures are held in German and cover topics of crucial importance from the perspective of business relationships between Polish and German enterprises.

During the classes, the German tutors (practising advocates with legal firms) will be presenting examples from their own practice and from the body of rulings of German courts.

Graduates will be awarded a diploma of the Graduation Diploma of the Łazarski University German Law School.

Two best graduates will be offered an internship with a Berlin-based law firm.

Course curriculum

The course curriculum of the German Law School comprises two semesters.

1st semester

The course in German legal language will be conducted by Lazarski University Foreign Language Centre. The goal of the course is above all to assist the students in fully benefitting from the lectures in German law that are held in the second semester.

However, the German Law School course (including the classes held during the first semester) is addressed not only to lawyers but to anyone intending to use their familiarity with professional legal German in their career.

8 sessions (3 x 45 min each)

2nd semester

The second semester featured classes in German law:

  • Einführung in das Zivilrecht
    - Introduction to civil law
  • Deutsches und internationales Kaufrecht
    - German and international law of sale contracts
  • Kreditsicherheiten
    - Loan collaterals
  • Arbeitsrecht
    - Labour law
  • Deutsches und Europäisches Kartellrecht
    - German and European competition law
  • Europäisches Zivilprozessrecht
    - European law of civil procedure
  • Urheberrecht
    - Copyright law
  • Kapitalgesellschaftsrecht II, Einführung in das Verwaltungsrecht
  • - Corporate law part II, introduction to administrative law
  • Unternehmenskauf, Joint Venture, öffentliche Übernahmen
    - Acquisitions, joint ventures, public takeovers

Lectures will be held in German.

Classes at the German Law School will be held by German lawyers, including from the law firm RAUE LLP Rechtsanwälte und Notare, appointed in consultation with the Dean of Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration. The lecture on copyright will be held by the director of the German Law School and the opening lecture on "Einführung in das Zivilrecht" by Helge Rieckhoff, PhD from RAUE LLP.

Compulsory reading comprises a textbook by Heike Simon, Gisela Funk-Baker: "Einführung in das deutsche Recht und die deutsche Rechtssprache" published by C.H. Beck. Additionally, students are required to have current versions of German laws.


The German Law School lasts two semesters, from November 2016 to June 2017. In total, it comprises 24 hours of classes in German legal language and 80 hours of lectures in German law.

Classes are held during weekend sessions (Saturday and Sunday) in the course of academic year according to the following model:


  • Saturdays and Sundays - three hours of classes in German legal language


The final exam will take the oral form and will be conducted in German.

  • Sundays: 4 hours of lectures in law between 10 a.m. and 1.20 p.m.

The final exam will take the oral form and will be conducted in German. The examiner will be appointed by the Dean of Lazarski University Faculty of Law and Administration.

Tuition fees

Cost of two semesters, including the examination fee:

  • Lazarski University students/graduates - PLN 1,500‚
  • others - PLN 2,000


Enrolment conditions include:

Language competence level

Candidates are required do demonstrate competence in German at the B2 level. Candidates can present an international certificate or another official document confirming their language competence at that level.

Persons who do not have a certificate of language competence will be required to take a written and oral exam. Persons with language competence at level B1+ will be admitted subject to completing a remedial course (60 classes) for PLN 600.

Enrolment in the German Law School will close on 15 September 2022.


More information about the programme:

School Director Jan Wiegner
e-mail: jan.wiegner@lazarski.pl
Tel: 501 283 123

Enrolment in the German Law School:

Recruitment Office
room 63a, ground floor, sector F
Monday to Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Tel (22) 54 35 368
e-mail: recruitment@lazarski.edu.pl