Number of hours 560 + workshops and lectures
Level A0/A1/A2/B1/B1+
Duration 28 weeks
Course start summer term: 22 February 2021 - 11 June 2021
winter term: 18 October 2021 - 11 February 2022
summer term: 28 February 2022 - 10 June 2022
winter term: 17 October 2022 - 10 February 2023
One-year from winter term 12 October 2020 - 11 June 2021
One-year from summer term 22 February 2021 - 11 February 2022
One-year from winter term 18 October 2021 - 10 June 2022
One-year from summer term 28 February 2022 - 10 February 2023
Fee EUR 2,400 + EUR 100

Course description


This course is addressed to foreigners who wish to take up studies at Lazarski University next academic year and devote the current academic year to learning Polish.       

The purpose of the course is to prepare the participants to study in Polish. The course focuses on all language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar, speaking and writing). The first part of the course is aimed at teaching the participants to use Polish in everyday situations. Legal and economic terminology connected with the selected major that is indispensable to understand lectures and take part in studies is introduced in the second part of the course.

The purpose of the course is for the students to achieve a level of proficiency permitting them to study in Polish. The two-term course is complemented by a two-month intensive course. It is recommended to all participants who have not yet reached the B2 level.


The course places main stress on acquiring the skill of grammatically correct speaking in modern Polish as well as listening and reading comprehension of academic texts. We also provide writing classes aimed at preparing the students to draft their papers independently. In order to get prepared to take up studies in Polish at Lazarski University as well as possible, starting from the second term the course participants may attend selected lectures in their majors as guest students.


The course is conducted by qualified and experienced teachers of Polish as a foreign language.

Teacher's opinion:

"One-year courses offer a very big number of teaching hours expanded by the cultural offer. The groups are small so we have an opportunity to learn the needs of every participant. Our students learn not only Polish but also to understand Poles and Polish mentality as well as our local customs and traditions, they visit the most interesting nooks of the city, go to museums, as well as have great fun singing, dancing, cooking, doing sports, etc. After a one-year course, Russian-speaking people achieve the B2 level which allows them to take up studies at any Polish university; meanwhile, non-Slavic speakers usually get to the B1 level and may be enrolled conditionally. We always approach our students on a case-by-case basis. We always find the time to support them, listen to them or help them. I know that our students appreciate it: they stay in touch with us even after the end of their course."

Elżbieta Jurczak, teacher of Polish as a foreign language

Opinion of a course participant from Kazakhstan

"My name is Chingiz and I'm a first-year student at the Faculty of Economics and Management at Lazarski University. A year ago, after I graduated from college, I had to pick my university. I went to an agency dealing in foreign studies and they suggested Poland to me. Back then, I didn't know much about Poland and even less that you can become a highly qualified expert and gain world-class knowledge for a very advantageous price. Then, however, I asked myself: how can I go studying to Warsaw if I don't speak Polish? Luckily, the Lazarski University Foreign Language Centre offers future students and all interested parties a one-year course of Polish language and culture. First, I thought it was impossible to learn a foreign language sufficiently to be able to study during the academic year. I took a chance, however, and I never regretted it.

When I came to Warsaw, I didn't know a single word in Polish but, thanks to the intensive syllabus and the help of my professors, a year later I already have successfully passed all the exams in my first exam session. From the very start of the course you realise what amazing people from all around the world you are studying with. Not all of them speak English, however, so Polish is the only way to get to know them  better. And, in order to speak any language, you need to take part in conversations with any interlocutor. Our teachers helped us a lot with that and provided us with amazing grammar materials. Thanks to our professors specialising in Polish philology, every class was an opportunity to listen to correct Polish, enriching our vocabulary.

I appreciated the professors' contribution to the course the most. After all, the Polish educational system is far different from the Kazakh system. For course participants, a professor is much more than an ordinary tutor. All over the year, you could feel ongoing help and support of your teacher who helped you not only understand the language but also Polish culture and mentality which made everyday life in Poland much easier. After the classes ended for the day, we would go to museums, learn history by walking in the Old Town, and of course celebrated holidays.

It came as a great surprise for me during the course that it was the best way for EVERYONE to start living in Poland. For example, in my group there were Russian-speaking students for whom Polish (while a foreign language) was still more understandable than for course participants from China, Vietnam, Turkey and Germany. The course syllabus was so great, however, that all students were able to understand learning materials to the same extent and use them right after classes.

The atmosphere of the course was very warm and friendly; I could even say family-like. My group was very nice and friendly. We still keep in touch and come together. This is exactly the atmosphere you need to start speaking another language and bring down all the barriers, I think.

After the end of the course, I never regretted investing money in such a useful and advantageous language experience. Even if you don't intend to study or live in Poland, I still recommend signing up for it. People frequently don't take Eastern Europe into consideration as a place to study or even travel to and don't know this region well; instead, we usually focus more on Western Europe or possibly Asia. However, irrespective of the fact that I intended to take up studies in Warsaw, the course was a great opportunity for me to learn one more language, get to know a new culture, travel and simply take a look at the world from a different perspective and gain priceless experience."

Chingiz  Karimov, student of the one-year course

Opinion of a student from Vietnam:

"The Polish course at Lazarski University is very useful. I devoted a short time to studying but gained great knowledge.  My first impression was the enthusiasm and the attitude of my teachers. They were very nice  and not afraid to explain the exercises to me.   The greatest surprise for me was my  result. Polish is  one of the most difficult languages to learn so I didn't think I could speak it or understand it. After the course, however, I am able to talk to Poles! In my opinion, the course atmosphere is very comfortable. The teacher always paid attention to our needs and the classes were a lot of fun. You are required to do your home assignments on time, however, or the teachers will be displeased with you.  Would I recommend this course? Yes, certainly! I say, if you want to learn Polish, don't forget to register with Lazarski University. I think it's the best choice for you."

Hai Duong Minh, student of the one-year course

Opinion of a Ukrainian student:

"Great Polish teaching! If you want to learn Polish intensively, that's a course you can depend on. What did I like about it? First of all, we were divided into groups depending on our proficiency. Our teachers were always prepared. I was given home assignments (because repetition helps you remember). Once a week, after the classes we went on different trips: sightseeing in the city, to the museums, to Polish culture workshops, etc. It was important: I always feel that Polish culture and language are something I want to know more and learn more about. The atmosphere was great and the classes were never boring. The students in my group were spontaneous. This atmosphere helped me a lot. I highly recommend this course; the tutors must be the best organisers in the whole of Warsaw. Polish and Chinese are two languages most difficult to learn in the world. However, they are completely different. One thing they have in common is that a single word often has different meanings. In addition, Polish and Chinese have many similar words and use a lot of slang and proverbs. Polish is a very interesting language!"

Liu Peng, student of the one-year course