Number of hours 280 + workshops and lectures
Level A0/A1/A2/B1/B1+
Duration 14 weeks
Course start autumn term: 18 October 2021 - 11 February 2022
spring term: 28 February 2022 - 10 June 2022
Fee EUR 1,250 + EUR 100

Course description


This course is addressed to foreigners who wish to take up studies at Lazarski University next academic year and devote the current academic year to learning Polish.       

The purpose of the course is to prepare the participants to study in Polish. The course focuses on all language skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar, speaking and writing). Legal and economic terminology connected with the selected major that is indispensable to understand lectures and take an active part in the University studies is introduced gradually during the course.

The purpose of the teachers is for the students to achieve a level of proficiency permitting them to study in Polish. The one-term course is complemented by a two-month intensive course. It is recommended to all participants who have not yet reached the B2 level.


The course places main stress on acquiring the skill of grammatically correct speaking in modern Polish as well as listening and reading comprehension of academic texts. We also provide writing classes aimed at preparing the students to draft their papers independently.

In order to get prepared to take up studies in Polish at Lazarski University as well as possible, course participants may attend selected lectures in their majors as guest students.


The course is conducted by qualified and experienced teachers of Polish as a foreign language.

Teacher's opinion:

"I think that this one-term course is a perfect solution for people who wish to make quick progress in learning Polish and are ready for everyday intensive work. The course is an opportunity to have daily contact with the language and that is a true guarantee of success. The groups are small so the tutors can get to know the students well and adapt their teaching methods to their needs. Because of restricted group size, the atmosphere during classes is always very friendly. An extensive extracurricular offer is highly appreciated by the students. As tutors, our task is not only to teach Polish but also to help our students adapt to a new reality. For that purpose, we use trips to museums, organised walks, film shows, ice skating classes, bowling outings and cycling trips. Personally, I love going to the ice rink with my students. Apart from being a great teaching opportunity, having fun together brings us closer, allows us to interact in a natural situation and gives us all a lot of joy and satisfaction! Aren't our courses just one of a kind?! Join us!"

Magdalena Mieczkowska, teacher of Polish as a foreign language

Opinion of a course participant from Turkey:

"I spent two terms at Lazarski University, taking part in the Polish course. I met a lot of interesting people from other cultures. Thanks to Lazarski, I can now speak other foreign language apart from just English. During my course, I visited the primary attractions and museums in Warsaw. I went skating and made dumplings for the first time in my life. For me, Lazarski was not only about studying: we had a great time and learned about Polish culture. I recommend Lazarski to everyone."

Melih Saygin, student of the one-term course

Opinion of a course participant from Turkey:

"I took part in the course for beginners. At the start, I knew nothing about Polish but after the end of the course I can say I can speak and understand Polish. I wouldn't say Polish is an easy language but the atmosphere during the course has a great impact on your attitude. The teachers are helpful and prepare something new every week which made learning a pleasure for us. I recommend Lazarski to anyone wishing to learn Polish."  

Ozan Evren, student of the one-term course