Number of hours 200 + 16 of Polish
Level B1+/B2 (we do not offer summer English courses for beginners)
Duration 8 weeks
Course start 2 August - 24 September 2021
Fee EUR 1270
Number of participants 6-10

Course description


  • Monday - Friday between 10:30 a.m. - 14:30 p.m., Warsaw time
  • Academic lectures
  • Discussion Club



  • Foreign students preparing to begin studies at Lazarski or other University in Poland
  • Students of B1+ level who want to improve their English



  • you will greatly improve your speaking competence thanks to a variety of topics discussed during classes
  • you will improve the accuracy of your expression
  • you will learn specialist vocabulary in the fields related to subjects you are going to study
  • you will be endowed with language skills enabling you to fully participate in lectures and classes of your perspective studies
  • you will improve your reading skills to the point of understanding more complex texts
  • you will acquire the ability to express your ideas in specialist language and professional jargons
  • the course will prepare you to write academic texts
  • you will work towards developing your social skills such as presenting opinions, cooperating in a team and developing interpersonal skills
  • you will gain confidence in a new environment
  • at the end of the course your language competence will be assessed



  • Experience of organizing preparatory courses dating back to 2006.
  • Security – we know how to make sure that your stay in Poland is safe, pleasant and well-organized (you will receive professional assistance concerning your visa and accommodation).
  • Way of acquiring knowledge – in the beginning of the course you will be invited to participate in an urban game aimed at visiting and getting to know main places of interest in the city of Warsaw.
  • Individual approach – your individual educational needs will be satisfied by a well-qualified and experienced team of lecturers who ensure the highest academic standards.
  • Stress-free classes – relaxed atmosphere in the classroom will make it easier for you to bring down the communication barriers and fears.
  • Cultural fieldwork activities – you will be educated in cultural establishments like museums, art galleries and exhibitions and entertained in a variety of places such as bowling houses, pool clubs.
  • Lessons not only classrooms – apart from standard lessons you will be invited to a discussion club to talk about all kinds of topics over a cup of tea and biscuits.
  • Celebrations – the end of your learning process will be celebrated at a picnic in order to wind down after the demanding summer of the course.
  • Company – you will work on your Polish language competence in the company of people from all over the world.
  • Surveys – satisfaction of our course participants has been confirmed by surveys.



  • Starting pack, course books and other educational materials

  • 16 hours of survival Polish lessons
  • Authentic materials for classroom activities and discussion club conversations
  • Language learning combined with culture and fun (exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, sightseeing etc.)
  • Free admission tickets to the proposed attractions
  • Individual meetings with your tutor
  • Guarantee of optimum conditions for language learning in groups between 6-10 students and classrooms equipped with multi-media teaching aids
  • Certificate at the end of the course




For those who might be unable to join the classes at the initial stage there is a possibility of taking advantage of transmissions available online.




I attended this English course at Lazarski university which improved my language skills and gave me a lot of new knowledge and experience. The crutial role in studying process played experienced and skilled professional teachers who organized lessons in interesting and productive way. I would like to express my sincer thanks for your hard work in helping me to learn English!

                                                                                                        Olena from Ukraine


Welcome to our summer English language courses. At our school you will meet absolutely enthusiastic teachers of English, who will teach you much more you could ever imagine. We are very friendly guys, passionate about our language goals to achieve, deeply understanding your needs and expectations. How do we learn? In a student-friendly way applying multicultural academic standards and there is a lot of fun, too. You will meet new great friends, highly committed teachers. We know how to motivate you for hard work, but the results will positively satisfy you. Go ahead and join us, you will take the best decision of your language skills improvement process.

                                                                             Tomasz Pracki, academic teacher of English