On 17-18.10.2020 the Polish Language and Culture Centre will hold a State certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language at the B1 level of competence:

  • written part - Saturday 17th October,
  • speaking part - Sunday 18th October.


Candidate registration:


Registration for the exam on January 30-31, 2021 will start on 01.12.2020 at 10:00.

Candidates receive two e-mail messages:

1. Confirming that the form has been correctly completed

2. Information on the registration status:

  • confirmation of the allocation of a place and a request for payment (with the account number in the e-mail)
  • or information about your admission to the standby list
  • or information about not being granted a place.

IMPORTANT: Depending on how the coronavirus pandemic situation develops registration may be canceled.

Attention! SJO declares that there are no agreements signed with other institutions regarding the allocation of places for the Polish language examination.

Who can take the exam?

foreigners or Polish citizens residing permanently abroad who are 18 or more on the examination day

Document required to take the exam:


Application form:




e-mail and telephone:


(22) 54-35-566 / (22) 54-35-373 or 509 657 358 (both operating on working days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Examination fee:

Session 30-31.01.2021

B1 and B2 level:   

B1 and B2 level examination fee: equivalent to 150 euros (exchange rate from 30.11.2020)

certificate fee:  equivalent to 20 euros

(exchange rate from 30.11.2021)

Payment after confirmation of enrolment to the account number provided in the message from the address Kursy.jezykowe@lazarski.edu.pl.

Please do not pay the fees "in advance" or in the absence of information about the allocation of a place. Refunds will be made within 30 days after sending the request to SJO.



Deadline for fee transfers:

2 days from confirmation of enrolment. It is required to settle a joint fee for the exam and the certificate.

Exam location:

Lazarski University
02-662 Warsaw
ul. Świeradowska 43

About the exam:


How to prepare for the exam?


Sample tests:


Exam regulations:


Course preparing for the certificate exam:




Next sessions:

  • 30-31.01.2021, poziom B1
  • 27-28.03.2021
  • 19-20.06.2021
  • 10-21.11.2021

Examination conditions for persons with special needs