TFI (Test de Français International) is a language test for all those for whom French is not a native language. The exam can be taken by professionals who wish to work in different countries and have a certified knowledge of different languages.

The exam result indicates the candidate's level of proficiency in French, especially in the field of direct communication in a professional and academic environment (A1-C1).

Main stress is placed on direct communication, participation in meetings and video conferences, podcasts, and teleconferences in work colleagues and clients. The exam also verifies reading comprehension and writing skills with respect to e-mails, reports and other everyday work correspondence.

The exam takes 2 hours + 30 minutes of preparatory administrative procedures. It consists of two parts: listening comprehension and reading comprehension.

Before taking the exam, it is best to prepare with a professional using audio materials or special recordings that make passing TFI easier.

You can find more information about the structure of the TFI exam here.