Studies BA Studies
Field of study Management
Main language English
Duration 3 years
Mode stationary


Every organisation needs good managers – whether it is a government institution, a non-profit organisation, a private business or a multinational corporation. Through the BA in Management programme at Łazarski University, you will gain the skills necessary to operate in complex and difficult work environments with the use of active participation methods: discussions, case studies and workshops. You will learn the basics of organizational, financial, and human resource management, and will build the foundation necessary to launch a successful and meaningful career.


Through this programme, students will be able to specialise in one of two fields:

    The Tourism and Travel Management specialisation reflects the demands of contemporary market and addresses the requirementsa of Europe’s biggest travel agencies. Not only will you be taught by renowned professors with international backgrounds, but also by experienced experts and specialists in the field of management, marketing and customer service; thus, you will establish direct contact with potential future employers. This specialisation will teach you how to apply fundamental management knowledge and deal with real-life issues encountered in the tourism business. It combines courses in finance, accounting, economics, sociology, business law, and marketing. This is an ideal field for people who want to explore the world and gain new experiences by pursuing a career in the tourism industry or in a variety of related fields.
    Specialisation subjects:
    • Hospitality Management
    • Managing Tourism Projects
    • Innovations and Technology in Tourism
    • Tourism Management in Practice
    This specialisation reflects the best educational programmes and practices of world universities specialising in logistics. You will learn the importance of relations between the logistics management and production chains, as well as between marketing strategies and finances. You will be taught the optimization of logistical processes in enterprise what allows to improve significantly an enterprise’s profitability and return on investment. During your studies, particular emphasis will be placed on logistics solutions that relate to the movement of goods on the market, which will prepare you to successfully pursue a career in the world’s leading international companies.
    Specialisation subjects:
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Shipping and Transport
    • Innovations and Technology in Logistics
    • Logistics Management in Practice

Skills and Knowledge

  • knowledge about fundamental principles and concepts of economic theories
  • knowledge about key concepts in entrepreneurship theories regarding formation, functioning, transformation, and development of economic organizations
  • knowledge about basic concepts and theories of human motivation
  • the basic concepts and principles of intellectual property protection and copyright
  • ability to refer to laws and systems of entrepreneurial norms in order to justify specific activities
  • ability to perform an audit of selected areas of an enterprise or another organization
  • ability to analyse, forecast and optimize the levels and dynamics of selected values and performance
  • ability to communicate and negotiate effectively
  • ability to lead and co-operate in projects aimed at introducing certain changes in an organization

Work opportunities

  • departments responsible for production, service, marketing, sales and administration in any industry
  • agencies and firms engaged in marketing and promotions
  • consulting companies or companies involved in the search for experts on the labour market
  • non-profit organizations
  • multinational corporations
  • banks and financial institutions
  • companies dealing with issues of tourism and travel
  • advertising agencies and PR companies
  • logistics companies

Tuition fees

BA Studies (3-year)

ManagementPoland, Ukraine & Belarusall other countries
LogisticsPLN 54001440 euro
Tourism and Travel ManagementPLN 54001440 euro