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How, when and whether to go vegan at all? We will talk about it at the next Cafe SJO meeting with our teacher - Marcin Siemiątkowski. You will get to know simple tips and find out what Veganuary is.

How to start your adventure with vegetable cuisine? Marcin Siemiątkowski, an English teacher and vegan for years, will tell you about it. He will advise you on which products to use to make it tasty and how to replace meat providing the right amount of protein. He will also tell you where to look for them. He will share some simple advice and show you that a vegan diet is not that difficult and laborious! Remember also that you can ask about everything that bothers you in connection with veganism. We are also happy to hear about your experiences with the veg diet. :)

The meeting will be held in the MS Teams application at the permanent address on Thursday 21/01/2021 from 19:00 to 19:30. We will speak English.  This time, we recommend vegan snacks in the cafe - peanuts or crispy strips of vegetables.