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Do you know that it is so warm in Andalusia that you can welcome the New Year on the beach only in a thin sweater and, according to the local custom, eat 12 grapes? It is also in the local desert where the westerns were created, in which Clint Eastwood started his career! Anna Sydoruk (SJO teacher) shared such curiosities and her own impressions from her stay in Andalusia.

"I have not been to all known places and I do not intend to go there, but others captivated me and I have already returned there" - this is how Anna Sydoruk summed up her impressions, taking our students on a subjective journey through this unique region of Spain. Adventure stories were accompanied by a show of original photos from the beautiful Alhambra in Granada, Seville with the largest gothic temple in the world and the Alcazar palace complex with fabulous gardens and many other places. Our traveler also told about Spanish culture, explaining where flamenco comes from and how the tapas that are so popular today were created. Of course, as usual at the meetings conducted by Ania Sydoruk, it did not end with just colorful anecdotes and beautiful photos. The meeting was also accompanied by a delicious snack in the Spanish climate, namely tapas, such as bread sticks, regional cheese, chorizo and olives ripe in the sun.  We are looking forward to the next "Little Integration Meeting".