Even if you think you know much about Vietnam, it will astonish and surprise you. Vietnam has many faces. Our Vietnamese students and Polish passionate lovers will reveal some of them to you. Are you ready to meet Vietnam? Foreign Language Centre is inviting you on 17 May 2018.

Vietnam is a beautiful exotic country with great cultural heritage. Magic nature, the coast with thousands of islands and rock formations, beautiful Ha Long Bay, Hoi An rich in historic monuments, Sa Pa and rice terraced fields, paradise beaches and azure water are just a few places we will take you to. We will also show you a different face of Vietnam, in Saigon, the city of chaos and the roar of motorbikes. We will show you the heart of Vietnam, Hanoi. We will tell you about the Vietnamese culture and customs, present beautiful sensuous traditional Vietnamese women’s clothes, ao dai, about which a proverb says: “it covers everything but hides nothing”.

Obviously, there will be something to satisfy your senses: Vietnamese delicacies! Vietnamese cuisine is delicious, healthy, nutritious and very colourful. All the food is fresh and has a distinct taste. You can taste hot chilli and fish sauce, lemon grass, coriander, Vietnamese mint and key lime. Does your mouth water? :) Come and check what we have prepared. The choice is so big that at the moment we don’t know what to select.

In addition, you can learn how to make nem cuon, i.e. spring rolls, at our cooking workshops. These are not all the attractions. Are you curious to know? Arrange to come at on Thursday May 17 at 13.30 – 15.30. Everything will become clear!