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At the end of November we met with Martin Makoni - the author of the book "The Nitram Archives" and a student of Lazarski University. The meeting was moderated by Edyta Wietecha - a psychologist and a French language teacher on the English-language study path.

It was a unique author's evening, because it showed that at our university with an economic, legal and medical profile, there is a great interest in psychology and the need to explore one's own identity. During the meeting, Martin talked about what we would find in the book, introduced its fragments and answered questions - both substantive ones, i.e. about the writing itself and relationships, identity and psychology, as well as troublesome ones, e.g. regarding income. At the request of the students, the meeting with Martin Makoni and Edyta Wietecha will be continued in the form of a series of seminars devoted to identity, development and relationships.

The book "The Nitram Archives" in an accessible language presents various thoughts about one's own identity and building relationships with other people. It is published in English and does not require knowledge of advanced psychological or philosophical concepts. It is available on Amazon: