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On Wednesday, 6 December, our foreign students had an opportunity to get acquainted with Polish Christmas customs and traditions, and hear about the extraordinary symbolism of this holiday. It was a really nice afternoon.

First, together with folk artists, everyone was making Christmas decorations and decorated the Christmas tree with hand-made chains. Christmas greetings in the students’ native languages were also hung on it.

Next, the participants could take part in a language quiz and enjoy Christmas atmosphere singing Polish carols to the accompaniment of the accordion. Everybody was in a pleasant warm and cordial mood. Moreover, during the meeting, some of the students revealed real vocal talents – after Polish carols, they sang Persian, Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese songs. Like at a traditional feast, there were Christmas Eve dishes, too. “Although we are far away from our families, we felt at home with one another”, thanked the students when they said goodbye.

Here are some photos of the meeting: