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Turkey is not only beaches and great food. It is also a beautiful multicultural country with numerous monuments, interesting history and rich culture. Course participants, students and invited guests will convince us of this.

We invite you to Turkey Day on Tuesday, March 21 at 10:20 in room 130. We have prepared for you a dose of knowledge about Turkey in a nutshell – a short historical outline, as well as tips on what to see in this beautiful, mountainous country surrounded by four seas.  We will also teach you a few phrases that are worth knowing before traveling and explain what words and gestures should not be used, e.g. why it is absolutely forbidden to call „Jarek”.  We will not forget about culture and art either.  We will also have a unique experience – thanks to the courtesy of the Danube Institute for Dialogue, we will have the opportunity to admire the Ebru, the art of painting on water. During the event you will also find out if you can go to Turkey for Erasmus+ mobility. At the end, we will taste delicious Turkish dishes, which will be provided by the Lezzet restaurant.  These will include hummus, eggplant/spinach in yoghurt, shakshuka, Lahmacun and Adana.  And for lovers of sweets, a real Turkish baklava will be waiting!

You’re cordially invited!