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If you study abroad, it's best to go to Amsterdam - Anna Popielarczyk convinced us about this during a virtual trip to the capital of the Netherlands. It is an ideal city for young, energetic people who tempt with a wide selection of universities and unique attractions.

On May 4, we had a unique virtual journey, which was taken by Anna Popielarczyk, an SJO teacher. Mrs. Anna knows this city and its charms very well, because she studied Dutch there. Amsterdam is a unique city. On the one hand, full of typical city entertainment: museums, night clubs and even coffee shops. On the other - green, with lots of parks and beautiful flower carpets (especially tulip carpets), crisscrossed by hundreds of canals. Moreover, you can get everywhere by bike! Even though Amsterdam is in the Euro zone and is not one of the cheapest cities, every student has a chance to make a living here! Why? Because the curriculum is designed so that a student can find a part-time job, and there is no shortage of this here. We ended the meeting with a tasting of original cheeses - starting with young cheeses, through those lasting several months, and ending with maturing cheeses for 3 years! We were also delighted with delicious, sweet wafers with caramel layered. We only didn't like the licorice candies that the Dutch eat and which you can get not only in the store, but also in the pharmacy. Who was not there should regret it!