Having conducted internal consultations, we have decided to begin preparations for on-site teaching in the academic year 2021/2022.

However, the implementation of the adopted plan will depend on the development of the epidemic situation and the legislation in force in the academic year 2021/2022, in particular the regulations related to combating the epidemic and possible restrictions on higher education units.

Representatives of the academic community of Lazarski University unanimously raise difficulties related to the achievement of certain learning outcomes with the use of distance learning methods, noting the change of proportions in broadly understood relationships and psychological aspects of distance learning. The difficulties arise from creating a parallel world as it was when the University offered on-site teaching. The remote mode makes it more difficult to pursue academic life in all its dimensions. Almost everyone wants the academic community to return to education within the walls of the university.

The new educational practices brought by distance learning have contributed a lot of good and innovative ideas, hence their value should be appreciated and the best solutions should be further pursued. 

Thus, in the next academic year at Lazarski, teaching will, as a rule, be conducted on the on-site basis, unless exceptions prove necessary, depending on the justified needs and capabilities of the individual teaching units.

Professor Maciej Rogalski, PhD
Rector of Lazarski University