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Everyone falls in love with Australia from the first sight and they love it forever.

This is what all the participants of the “Meeting with Australia” on 28 November unanimously stated. And although they had different reasons for their journeys (adventure, work, dreams, wildlife, beaches, surfing etc.) each of them assured they would come back.

Kamil Zgorski, Dorota Rucińska-Łuczyna and Dominik Bakuła told us how to fulfil dreams and what the practical aspects of travelling to Australia and living there are. For the lover of water sports, Mikołaj Karpiński, Australia is a paradise on Earth. Keen surfers could listen to Mikołaj’s advice and recommendations. Judge Jerzy Stępien and Jacek Korzeniowski, professional as always, gave a memorable performance and demonstrated their musical talents. Listen to them again HERE. 

At the end of the event, all participants tasted and enjoyed Australian cuisine. A heavenly meringue-based Pavlova dessert resembling a cloud with delicate crispy crust and soft light inside, topped with fruit was hailed as a masterpiece. Even the thought of it makes your mouth water.

Tomek Zińczyk proved to be an excellent MC.