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You are kindly invited to participate in the first Round Table Debate of the Lazarski University. It is a new form of a debate during which we are going to discuss controversial topics concerning medicine. Such a formula will allow for a more spontaneous expression than in the case of more formal rules of Oxford debates.

After the death of a Polish man in Plymouth a discussion concerning a borderline between life and death and the right to cross this line has flared up again. Euthanasia must be distinguished from the decision to forego so-called "aggressive medical treatment", in other words, medical procedures which no longer correspond to the real situation of the patient, either because they are by now disproportionate to any expected results or because they impose an excessive burden on the patient and his family.

Do you think that persistent treatment of a person unable to live independently is an ethical behaviour?

If you are interested, you are welcomed to participate and speak your mind during the Round Table Debate which will take place on the 12 May 2021 at 8.00 am in room 106.