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How to combine passion with language teaching? The teachers of the Foreign Language Centre at Lazarski University know the answer to this question perfectly. During the week-long workshops as part of the Erasmus+ Staff Week program, they shared their experiences with guests from France, Georgia, Lithuania, Romania and… Poland.

The week from 19 to 23 June was extremely inspiring, creative and hardworking. For the first time, SJO organized workshops for foreign language teachers from foreign universities to share their knowledge and skills and to build a networking.

We talked about the use of artificial intelligence in language teaching, the opportunities and threats it brings, gamification and the use of quizzes and competitions. We discussed the role of debates, using the lyrics of the best songs to inspire valuable discussions, conducting a dialogue of cultures by presenting outstanding figures from the countries of students, as well as boldly drawing inspiration from the knowledge of their cultural circles.

We looked at education as a relationship and the psychological context of teaching and learning, and we considered how to combine it all to enjoy a balanced life. The last step was to enrich the training with culinary workshops, during which we prepared traditional Polish dumplings and a vegan lunch. After all, it has long been known that the easiest way to get to a student is through the stomach. :)

We spent the afternoons and evenings exploring Warsaw together and getting to know each other better. It was worth it! The guests fell in love with the green capital, and on Friday it was really hard for us to part. Anaïs, Gautier, Izabelo, Ludmilo, Loro, Nino and Roxano, we are glad that we could meet you and we hope to meet you again soon.

At the same time, the Foreign Language Centre would like to thank all the teachers involved in the project, the Erasmus+ department, the administration of SJO and the ULa, as well as the Connect Lunch Bar staff for their help.