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LanguageCert of English (LTE) is one of the most candidate-friendly exams. In addition, it is totally online! Now, Lazarski University Foreign Language Centre can offer you a 25% discount.

From the beginning of this year Foreign Language Centre recognises the LanguageCert exam. The score of 60 is sufficient to start studies in English at Lazarski University. The students of the Faculty of Economics and Management can choose this exam instead of the University final one. Moreover, if you enrol with the use of Lazarski University special offer code F986C5, you will get a 25% discount!

Why is it worth taking LanguageCert exam?

  • It is an internationally recognised language exam conducted in over 180 countries worldwide. It confirms your language competence in business and office environment.
  • LTE increases your reliability because the authenticity of your certificate can be verified on the LanguageCert website just in a few seconds - click here.
  • The exam can be taken online anytime (even at night). What you need is a computer, an Internet connection, and webcam
  • It is an adaptive exam (difficulty of questions adjusts and adapts throughout according to your performance).
  • You can change the time of it within 48 hours before its planned start.
  • You will get your (preliminary) results straight after the exam, and a certificate and a results report within two days.


For more information about the exam use the link.