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In Tajikistan, great importance is devoted to tradition. We had the opportunity to find out about it during the Tajik Day, which took place on December 5, 2019. The event was prepared by students of Lazarski and other Warsaw universities.

The meeting consisted of presentations and videos showing the natural beauty of this mountainous Central Asian country. We also got acquainted with Nowruz - a traditional New Year holiday celebrated on the first day of spring. We were delighted with national dances, beautifully performed by students dressed in fabulously colorful national costumes. We were moved by their singing and recitation of poetry, as well. One can only envy such sensitivity to music, singing, poetry and dance! And this was not the end of the attractions. The students presented us a dance story about the backstage of the Tajik wedding and the wedding ceremony itself. There were also fun competitions during the event. The national fashion show invoked great enthusiasm.

Of course, we also tried traditional dishes of the local cuisine. Its showcase is plov. We also ate samsa dumplings filled with mutton, as well as a delicious vegetable salad, and tasted a chakka drink. There is no denying that Tajikistan cuisine has tasted delicious.

Other attractions waited for us in the lobby: Anaita Sharipova's photo exhibition, the "Greetings from Tajikistan" photo gallery and a jewelry stall made by Dilangez Sohibkulova, as well as other regional products. Among those, you could even choose and buy the famous Pamir socks.

Tajikistan Day was a special event. A small, unknown country got recognized in our consciousness and memory mostly thanks to two talented girls - Shahina Nazrieva and Khanifa Sheralieva. We would like to thank them, and all students involved in the event. It is hard to resist reflection on the lack of such knowledge and care for our Polish culture, as students from Tajikistan showed us regarding theirs. Respect, dear colleagues!