It is in the centre of Eurasia, almost completely covered by mountains the height of which and variety make you feel giddy of excitement. On 5 December, the students from Tajikistan and the Foreign Language Centre will take you to this extraordinary place where taking care of guests is more important than religion. You will get to know the most interesting traditions, see the most beautiful sights and try the best dishes.

Have you ever thought of how it is to live only in the mountains? The citizens of Tajikistan know it very well. Mountains constitute as much as 93% of the territory of their country! See the captivating Pamir, listen to stories about what life is like on the Roof of the World and visit modern Dushanbe. We are inviting you to the extraordinary Tajikistan Day on 5 December, at 1.35 pm in room 58. We have planned a show of regional dances and traditional clothes, reading poetry of Persian origin and a wedding ceremony. You will also get to know the top Tajik music and what to do to have Tajik hairdos. J We also remember about preparing regional specialities for you: meat samsa, plov and chakka  will be delivered directly from Nigina,  the only Tajik restaurant in Warsaw.

There will be some additional attractions waiting for you on the first floor. There will be a special photo shop decorated with regional rugs and cushions. When you finish taking selfies, have a look at Anaita Sharipova’s photo exhibition and admire the beauty of her mountainous country. Finally, we encourage you to buy jewellery of ethnic nature. It may prove to be a good Mikołajki or Christmas present.