In the face of a pandemic and the crisis it caused, Lazarski University supports students, PhD students and post-graduate students * and meets their needs.

We announce that students who find themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the introduction of the state of the epidemic in Poland may:

  1. Get one-off help from the scholarship fund - more information. The amount of the allowances will be published on the website immediately after the adoption of the "anti-crisis shield" as the basis for determining the amount of allowances awarded as recommended by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
  2. Request a postponement of the payment of tuition instalments to one to three months depending on the degree of income loss. The motivated application should be sent to the University of Warsaw's e-mail address: For more information, please call (+48) 22 54-35-463


apply for the payment of tuition instalments over a larger number by sending a motivated application to the e-mail address of bursar's office: For more information, please call (+48) 22 54-35-463.

The Rector of Lazarski University also considers the difficult material situation of the student's family as a source of income.

All applications will be prioritized.

* Post-graduate students are concerned only with item 2.