Do you want to experience the adventure of a lifetime and make your dreams come true? Get to know a different culture, language? See what the student life looks like in another part of Europe? Take part in recruitment for studies under the Erasmus+ Program! From March 1, we start recruitment for the fall semester 2021/2022. Interested students must apply via the form available on the LU website by March 17, 2021. The recruitment results will be announced after March 29, 2021.

Studies under the Erasmus+ program can be carried out at a foreign university with which the Lazarski University has an existing agreement. The list of partner universities is available on the website of the International Programs Office.

Under the Erasmus+ program, the student receives a scholarship in the amount of EUR 450 to EUR 720 per month, depending on the country of stay and the financial situation of the outgoing student. Studies completed under Erasmus+ at a partner university are recognized as part of studies at the Lazarski University.

To participate in recruitment in the Erasmus+ program:

  1. Familiarize yourself with information about the program, which is available on the website of the International Programs Office.
  2. Select a foreign partner university from the list of available universities.

    Important! Familiarize yourself with the available courses and the language of instruction as well as the deadlines for submitting nominations and applications to the selected partner university.

  3. Submit your willingness to participate in the recruitment using the application form.
  4. Take part in the recruitment interview, which, due to the pandemic, will be held online.

    Important! Participation in the recruitment interview is obligatory and replaces the requirement to have a language certificate or to pass an English test.

Online recruitment interviews with candidates will be held on March 22-26. The recruitment results, and thus those qualified for mobility for studies under the Erasmus+ Program in the fall semester, will be announced after March 29, 2021.

We encourage you to participate in the recruitment.
International Programs Office Team