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"Time for a digital economy!" - this is the title of a set of recommendations jointly created with more than forty organisations and former ministers of digitisation working with the Digital Poland Foundation. It is the largest set of demands and reform proposals aimed at accelerating digitalisation, a process crucial to the functioning of the state in the wake of coronavirus epidemic.

Digital Poland Foundation is working to make Poland one of the world's major centres of digital innovation. Through its activities it transforms the digital challenges facing Poland into opportunities for the domestic economy. The Foundation brings together experts and opinion leaders from the worlds of science and business, and its aims include supporting the development of the digital economy and educating the public about new technologies and ESG.

An agreement between Lazarski University and Digital Poland Foundation was signed on January 16th, 2023. The agreement was signed by the Rector of our university, Prof. Maciej Rogalski, while on behalf of the Foundation, Piotr Mieczkowski, Managing Director of the Foundation, signed the agreement.

The agreement concluded between the university and the Foundation concerns primarily the implementation of joint educational, scientific, research and publishing projects in the field of digitisation and new technologies. As a result of signing the agreement, the Foundation has become a partner of Lazarski University. Joint discussions and speeches are planned to enhance knowledge in the field of digitisation, new technologies or ESG.

The parties declared that, bearing in mind the need to increase public awareness of new technologies, they are willing to jointly implement activities aimed at achieving the above goal and conclude a framework cooperation agreement.