Lazarski University lecturer Dr. Spasimir Domaradzki passed to the Library a number of digital copies of books, articles, reports and book chapters acquired in an Italian university during his recent study tour. They are texts digitized from printed publications or materials copied from databases. Most are international relations or political theory classics, although some are quite recent. All can be distributed among Lazarski University members on a peer-to peer basis. This abundant material does not have a finding tool yet, but there is an alphabetical list of all 68 books available at the Reading Room desk at the Library, or by sending an e-mail to the Library director, To request an item as an e-mail attachment, please also use this address. The Polish version of this communication is more detailed, but you are also welcome to write, phone or come in person, and we will be glad to assist you in your selection. The Library is grateful to Dr. Domaradzki for his substantial contribution to our research resources.