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On January 11, 2023, an integration meeting for students of the University of Lodz dedicated to Israel was held. Israel delighted the participants of the event with its dissimilarity and religious, cultural and linguistic diversity. The country also impressed us with its wonderful monuments and history. It was really worth getting to know it!

The first part of the meeting was devoted to the rich and complex history of Israel. We were guided through its meanders by a first year student – Jan Haus. He did it with such great eloquence and great knowledge of the subject that it was a pleasure to listen to him.

The second host of the meeting was a student – Aleksandr Volkov – a resident of Israel.  They both complemented each other perfectly when talking about the attractions of Israel. They showed us the largest cluster of monuments – Jerusalem, where the heart of the Holy Land beats. It was here that the Jews built the first temple (Solomon’s Temple) to shelter the Ark of the Covenant. Alex and Jan took us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We also visited the Western Wall. We were surprised by some interesting facts, such as the fact that men and women pray separately not only in synagogues, but also at the Wailing Wall. 

There are plenty of places to admire in Israel, but Israel is not just a memory of the past. It is also a country that is one of the world leaders in the development of technology and start-ups. We were surprised by the thriving desert agriculture in Israel. 

The last part of the meeting was devoted to Israeli cuisine, the undeniable health and taste of which we could see during refreshments. We ate world-famous falafels, hummus, pita bread and delicious halva. 

The meeting convinced us that Israelis can not only pray, but also have fun and eat deliciously. And it happened mainly thanks to our two wonderful students. Janek, Alex – thank you. Israel will certainly enter the holiday plans of many of us.