On 22 November 2016, we celebrated St Catherine and St Andrew name days at the Łazarski University.


As is already our tradition, we met in room 130 to listen to a short introduction on Polish traditions accompanying St Catherine and St Andrew name days. After the theoretical part, the participants moved to the hallway where, in a joyous atmosphere, they attended the next part of the evening, namely a traditional St Andrew’s fortune-telling bout featuring melted wax, apple peels that tell you the name of your future love, fortune-telling notes under the pillow, arrows pointing to names stuck on apples, placing shoes in a row… and many more!

Since delicious foods are an indispensable element of traditional Polish festivities, we could not have done without them. There were sweets aplenty, various fruit and beverages and… it was so hard for us to say goodbye at the end! 

The event was hosted by the Polish Language Culture and Training Centre at the Foreign Language Centre.