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An open debate on tolerance (in English) was held on Wednesday (23 November) at Lazarski University. During the event, we tried to answer the following question: is the virtue of tolerance becoming extinct in Poland and in the world or will be become extinct because of too much tolerance?

Otwarta debata studencka

In the course of the debate, we faced down touchy issues of tolerance (considered excessive by some) for different life, social and cultural conduct. We also determined the difference between tolerating and not accepting them. We identified a potential threat arising from excessive tolerance and perceiving it as a sign of social apathy and excuse for not reacting in situations when our decisive protest should be heard.

Lasting almost an hour, the debate touched on four topics. We discussed hopes and concerns connected with inviting immigrants and refugees to Europe and, in particular, to Poland. We postulated no tolerance for a social acceptance for ignoring a growing number of homeless people in the streets of Polish cities and a general lack of understanding for their situation. We faced the issue of the lack of acceptance for adopting children by LGBT couples and for requesting equal rights by all sexual minorities (which is perceived as an excessive demand). We supported (mostly unanimously) the lack of support for hooliganism and vandalism during football events.

Despite significant differences and a broad spectrum of presented opinions, good manners and mutual respect for different views were prevalent. While an outsider might think that young people are getting radicalised, not all extreme views expressed in the debate were a sign of intolerance. On the whole, muted and liberal views of the reality offset some that sounded to extreme.

If you did not have an opportunity to express your opinion, it is not too late: we are planning a continuation of the debate. You have to come this time. Follow the notice board on the Centre's website and get ready to take the challenge! We hope to see you soon.