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We have started recruitment for student traineeships and graduate traineeships under the Erasmus+ programme. Students and graduates may receive a scholarship and work abroad in a public or private organisation from a EU Member State or a third country associated to the Programme. To take part in the recruitment process, you must fill in the electronic application form on the University's website by 13.06.2022.

From 11.05.2022, Lazarski University students can apply for student internships and graduate internships under the Erasmus+ program. The traineeship must take place abroad in a public or private organisation from a EU Member State or a third country associated to the Programme. Please note that Erasmus+ traineeships cannot be completed in EU institutions or institutions responsible for managing EU programmes, as well as in Polish diplomatic missions abroad. The amount of the scholarship rate depends on the country in which the mobility is carried out. Detailed information is available on the website

A student who deciding to participate in the recruitment process is obliged to read the Regulations for educational mobility of students and graduates of Lazarski University under the Erasmus+ program and the Rules of participation in the Erasmus+ program in the field of internship trips – academic year 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.

Applicants for a graduate internship must be recruited before defending their thesis. To join the Program, it is necessary to have the status of a student. The graduate internship should be completed up to 12 months after the defense of the diploma thesis.

Before completing the electronic application form, every student interested in the Program is obliged to independently find the host organization in which he/she would like to carry out mobility. While completing the form, students will be asked to provide contact details and basic information about the receiving institution. Each student will be asked to justify their choice of institution and describe their motivation to participate in the Program.

At the recruitment stage, the student will be asked to indicate the type of internship: compulsory internship, voluntary internship, graduate internship, which should be agreed before the start of mobility with the relevant Faculty Coordinator of the Erasmus+ Program and if he/she wants to carry out a compulsory internship with the appropriate Faculty unit dealing with student internships necessary to be carried out as part of the study program.

The application form available on the website must be completed by 13.06.2022.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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