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Albert Rokicki, a graduate of the Lazarski University, founded a video game development studio, Longterm Games, 2 years ago. A few days ago, their first game - Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home had its premiere.

It is a platformer with logic puzzles, whose protagonist is Bea - a dog sent into space to explore the distant galaxy, learn about alien civilizations and eventually... find its way home.


"The plot of the game is inspired by real events, when human race began the conquest of space, sending animals towards the stars. It is also a kind of tribute to all the creatures that paved the way for mankind into space. Most of these animals - the first astronauts - did not survive the journey. Our story is about the adventures of a dog named Bea, which... managed to survive" - developers of the game emphasize.


The game is available for PC on Steam and GOG, as well as Nintendo Switch and has received an age category of 7+.  Link to the game's page on the Steam store