Enrolment to new preparatory language course groups in the 2019 fall semester has started. First classes are due to start on 25 February 2019.

The prep.language offer is addressed to people who would like to improve their foreign language skills in order to undertake studies at the Lazarski University or other schools.

You can choose among different courses depending on duration, i.e one-month, two-months, one semester or one-year English or Polish courses. 

We offer a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, active forms of activities outside the classroom (in museums, parks or cafes) to improve the effectiveness of our lessons and help course participants find more about places worth visiting in Warsaw.

A well-qualified and experienced team of lecturers ensure the highest academic standards with focus on the individual needs of the course participants.

In the price of the course you are offered a starting pack, course books, authentic materials as well as free tickets to the field trips, theatre, museum, concerts, matches, art galleries, cinema, bowling, skating rink, swimming pool etc.

At the end of the course your language competence will be evaluated and certified.

Check the details of the prep.language offer HERE.





Consultant for Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan:

e­mail:, phone: +48 22 54 35 377

Consultant for all other countries and regions: 

e-mail:, phone +48 22 54 35 368