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International Conference, Warsaw, 17 – 19 Nov 2017.

What is it all about?

Poland has been in the news a lot recently. Soon after the “Law and Justice Party” (PiS) won the last parliamentary elections, it started ‘reforming’ the country, in particular the state media and the juridical system. While the parliamentary opposition remains fragmented, we have seen many protests on the street, regularly dominated by young people considering themselves ‘European’. The Polish society seems deeply divided between supporters of a consolidation of catholic state putting the “nation” first and proponents of a liberal society in an increasingly “European” Poland.

How will it work?

We are glad to meet you in Warsaw – no matter your age, background and origin. Simply come and join us – for an insightful meeting with interesting people. We arrange the programme together with our local partners. If needed, we can give you hints regarding hotels and hostels.

Your ideas, suggestions and contributions are more than welcome, both regarding content and logistics.

Tell us ASAP if you want to come and if you would like to contribute something yourself. Please, write to stating „Citizens Weekend 2017“ in the e-mail topic.


Who are we?

Citizens of Europe is a politically independent, non-governmental and non-profit oriented network of people from diverse backgrounds which is open for everybody perceiving diversity as an opportunity. We initiate and cooperate in a wide range of projects. We support each other to assure high quality standards in everything we do. We are active as we want to contribute to an active civil sociecty in Europe and to learn and gain experience. For more info hav a look at: or