As every year, we invite all students and employees of our university to join in helping those who need it most, as part of the Noble Package campaign. The collection of gifts at the university will last until December 6.

You can fund your piggy bank in cash, which will be displayed in the President's Office or bring gifts to the Library or the Marketing Department (room 37).
As every year, we will also do one round with the piggy bank around the university;)

This year we are helping a family from Piaseczno - Mrs. Karina and her two children. Ms. Karina is 32 years old and is a widow, looking after her children - eight-year-old Karol and four-year-old Karolina.

The three key needs of the family are:


  • shoes for Karina size 39,
  • trappers for Karol in size 37;
  • Karolina hiking boots preferably with the theme of the Land of Ice or Pony in size 26

cleaning products:

  • detergents
  • rinsing liquids
  • dishwashing liquids
  • cleaning liquids
  • soaps and washing gels
  • shampoos
  • toothpastes
  • toothbrushes

durable food:

  • tea, rice, cereal, pasta, flour, sugar, oil, jam, canned meat, canned fish, canned vegetables
  • children would love to get sweets or candy bars

In addition, the family needs:

  • washing machines!
  • quilts
  • bedding (duvet covers, sheet)
  • blanket
  • pillows

notebooks, drawing blocks, glue, paints, coloured paper, scissors, writing implements, markers and backpacks


  • Karol: Trousers (Winter) size: 140 cm
  • Karol: Sweatshirt (Winter) size: 140 cm
  • Karolina: Trousers (Winter) size: 122 cm

special gifts for them are:

  • Karina: cosmetics
  • Karol: Monster Truck
  • Karolina: Elza doll from "Ice Cain" or Pony horses

More information about our family and its needs: