Like every year, we would like to invite all students and employees of our University to lend a hand in helping those who need our help the most as part of the Noble Gift (Szlachetna Paczka) initiative. The collection of gifts and funds to purchase them will last until 6 December.

Given the restrictions connected with the global pandemic, this extraordinary year we especially ask that you make your donations by way of a bank transfer to the following bank account: 

Fundacja Uczelni Łazarskiego
ING Bank Śląski S.A., Oddział 1 w Warszawie,
66 1050 1025 1000 0023 5370 6811

with a note: SZLACHETNA PACZKA as a transfer title

It will help us complete the gift quickly and safely. Individual gifts can also be delivered personally to the University campus and left in the designated area on the ground floor in sector D. 

This year, we are helping Iwona, Adrian and their 13-year-old son Damian. Damian has cerebral palsy and needs specialised treatment as well as his parents’ constant presence. Iwona and Andrzej have been working so far but the global pandemic has made it increasingly difficult for them to earn a living. While the needs of their family are not big, every little help counts at a time like this and helps them look into the future with a little more hope. Damian would like to participate in F1 races in the future but for now, he dreams of the game F1!

If you wish to help Damian’s family, take a look at the detailed list below:

Three key needs of Damian’s family:

1. Washing machine

The family’s current washing machine is very old and used. It has started to rust and water is leaking during the washing cycle.

2. School supplies

Given that Damian goes to school, the outlays on school supplies never end. Receiving the supplies as a gift will let Iwona and Andrzej allocate the funds saved on them to the treatment of their son.

3. Cleaning supplies

The family makes sure their home is clean and tidy; this means they use a lot of cleaning supplies which, unfortunately, are costly. If Andrzej and Iwona receive them as a gift, they will not have to worry about these expenses for some time as well as save the money they would have otherwise spent on keeping their home clean

Other important needs:

Shelf-stable foods: tea, groats, sugar, canned meat, coffee, noodles, oil, canned fish, rice, flour, jam, canned fruit and vegetables, kissel mix, pudding mix, condiments, cookies, sweets, patés, chocolate tablets, cornflakes, biscuits, shortbreads, mayonnaise, ketchup

Cleaning supplies: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/ shower gel, shampoo, liquid cleaners, dishwashing liquid, washing powder, softener, paper towels, toilet paper

Winter coat for Damian: size 152/160
NOTE!: Damian dreams of a warm jacket like the one worn by Robert Kubica :-) 

School supplies: writing supplies, pencase, plasticine, crayons, paper pads, glue, scissors, backpack, colour paper pads, paints, notebooks

House supplies: bedsheets (duvet cover, sheet), size 160/200

Individual gifts:

Iwona: electric toothbrush

Adrian: wrist watch

Damian: F1 game