Like every year, we would like to invite all students and employees of our university to join in helping those who need it most, as part of the Noble Gift initiative.

We will be gathering gifts and funds for their cause until December 7th.

Gifts can be brought in person to the University campus and left in a specially prepared place for it in sector D on the ground floor.

You can also make a donation to bank account with the note SZLACHETNA PACZKA in the transfer title.

Fundacja Uczelni Łazarskiego
ING Bank Śląski S.A., Oddział 1 w Warszawie,
66 1050 1025 1000 0023 5370 6811

This year we are helping the family of Mrs. Elżbieta and Mr. Henryk and their two children - 9-year-old Agnieszka and 8-year-old Artur.
The family has always been doing well. Mr. Henryk worked and Mrs. Elżbieta looked after the children and the house. When children grew up, Mrs. Ela wanted to return to work, unfortunately the pandemic made it impossible for her to find a job. The real blow was the nightmare news the family heard in the summer of this year - Agnieszka was diagnosed with cancer. Now family's life revolves around Agnieszka's costly treatment and trips to Warsaw to the hospital. Currently, Mr. Artur is working and Mrs. Ela is looking after the children. Agnieszka is already after her fourth chemotherapy treatment, but she is still optimistic and smiling. Her brother supports her a lot, but unfortunately struggles with epilepsy himself. In Mrs. Elżbieta's free time, she devotes herself to handicrafts and creates beautiful Christmas centerpieces. Parents do not complain, but do their best to fight for a better fate for their children.

If you want to help Agnieszka's family, make sure to check detailed list below:

The three key needs of the family:

  1. Preserved food and cleaning products
    • tea, coffee, rice, groats, flour, sugar, pasta, oil, canned food, canned fruit and vegetables, jam, honey, sweets
    • washing soaps and gels, shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, tampons, washing and rinsing liquid, cleaning liquids, dish soap

  2. Home appliances - vacuum cleaner and blender
    • the vacuum cleaner that family is currently using has been bought used and works very poorly, it keeps breaking down
    • the blender will be very useful when preparing meals for daughter's varied diet

  3. Bed linen - duvet covers, sheets, pillow, duvet
    • these things will help in deducting everyday expenses and reducing the time needed for shopping. With Agnieszka's illness, frequent washing and linen change are also necessary.

Other important needs:

  • winter jacket for Arthur, size 140 cm
  • year-round pants, size 140 cm
  • school materials - notebooks, crayons, markers
  • funds for the renovation of the bathroom, which is in a deplorable condition

Special gifts:

  • Elżbieta: jewelry
  • Henryk: power tools
  • Agnieszka: Lego Friends
  • Arthur: Lego

Remember - good deeds come back!