There is nothing to hide – we are all catching up with filming recently. ;) It is worth having among them productions not only in English, so we invite you to a meeting with French cinema. The nearest Cafe SJO will be led by Edyta Wietecha. We'll see you on Thursday, April 22nd at 19:00 in MS Teams.

Cinema is associated with France from the very beginning. It was here that the Lumière brothers at the end of the 19th century invented the cinematography, and in March 1895 presented the film to a Parisian audience documentary "Workers Leaving the Factory". Much has changed since then, but there is one undeniable thing – many excellent directors and actors come from the country on the Seine. What are the productions worth reaching for? Edyta Wietecha, the SJO teacher, will tell us about it. Remember it will not only be "Lupin".

We meet as usual in the MS Teams application in the Cafe SJO team available at . We will speak French. We offer delicious cheeses and fruit as snacks.